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Mothers are lucky. They can have so many big dreams. She dreams for herslef and her children.

From the day her child is born she becomes a even bigger dreamer.

May all mumma dreams..all around the world come true!

Baby loves to eat!

We mummaz are always very particular about what our babies should eat. However, as she graduates from only milk feeds to solids, most of our energy is gone making her ‘love to eat’! In the process we somehow lose focus on all round nutrison and tend to stick to food items she has accepted.
baby-puree-featureHere is a guide for such tolders. Our focus is let them eat what they love but just cheat them a bit by add ons to the food!

1. Ranjana was focusing to add ful fat milk products for her 14 months old baby. She tried to encorporate paneer, yoghurt, cheese to her son’s diet. Her son would eat curd but could now chew panner or cheese well. Also full fat milk variation was not availbale in her loactily regularly. She would have to be careful as the supply was less so backdated products could be sold. So Ranjana found a way out. Full fat milk is nothing but toned milk plus fat. So she would add toned milk to poridges and make up for full fat milk by adding butter ( milk fat!). As her son was not fond of panner or cheese she would not force them to him but give small peices to keep developing taste. In order to ensure proper milk intake she would add milk and butter to gravies, mashed potatoes, white sauces, which her son loved to eat!

2. Suryani’s son is a moody todler. His favourate food is cerelac. Suryani used to worry if celerac is a proper food for dinner! But it was celerac or nothing for his moody son. So, she started to find a way out and here is what she does- she will prepare ceralac with cow milk and add some butter to it. She will mash some potatoes and add them as well. Since potato is not a strong smeeling food, her son will ejoy the modified cerelac without any mood swings!

So as you would see, normal diet charts may be tought to be followed with naughty and stubborn todlers. So we mumma need to be smart to get them eat a balanced diet. Smart mummaz are we!!


A new approach to work: 24×7 minus sleep time

We know this sounds very odd and unreal but trust us this can be the new mantra for working mothers.

In order to make you feel what we are really thinking when we say so, let us share with you views of a ladies who are working on 9-6 jobs from office.


images (3)


Manita says,

” I am sitting idle at office when my test runs are going on. I just feel if I were working from home, I could have devoted this time for my child. Also, once I am back home and I know my tests have ended, say at 8 p.m and a little work for 20 mins will kick start one more test that can run though out nigh and get over. But you see..I am in no position to open my laptop for even 5 mins..I have loads of household work and I need to spend time with my baby”

Manita is a Quality and Assurance professional who and the ‘tests’ she is talking about are software testing done on her setups- mostly they run for 5-6 hrs in a go.

Likewise there are many work types, which have such designs. In these work setups if the employee ( female or male with a children at home) is allowed to work at home and be flexible, they can share their timing between work and home almost 24X7 ( minus sleep time, offcours!) are prove to be more productive.

Let us know what you feel.


Why we? We are you..that’s why!

We are ma..mothers..mommas..

This is a one stop portal where you can find guidance, many a times answers to most of your ‘momma’ dilemma. We respect the self you are, goals you have from your work ( career), parent you are to your child and infact anything that may not be put in words!

Is is very likely that if you have had a feeling..a doubt..a matter how weird it is..others have had them too.

This is a meeting place to share thoughts..!!